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Survey of Information needs of Mycologists

About the Survey
I am working as a Librarian in the Bioinformatics Center, University of Pune, Pune.  I am pursuing my PhD. in Library and Information Science. Prof. Harsha Parekh (guide) SNDT University, Mumbai and Prof. Geoffrey Bowker (co-guide) UCSD, USA are guiding me.  The area of research is Biodiversity informatics under which I am working on the construction of the database structure for the Indian fungal species.The structure of the database is based on the Information needs of various types of users such as Mycologists, agriculturists, medical mycologists, industrialists, etc. During the study I am going to harmonize the contents of the various primary (books, journal articles) and secondary (abstracting services) sources of information as well as existing worldwide databases available on the Internet.  Apart from this I have designed a questionnaire to be circulated to the various researchers from these areas.   

[Download the questionnaire] 

[Fill Online questionnaire] 

I request you to kindly help me understand your information needs by providing the maximum possible information, your candid comments and suggestions by filling the questionnaire and send it to me as an attachment to my following one of addresses  

shubha@bioinfo.ernet.in / shubhanagarkar@netscape.net  

Filling up the questionnaire will not take more than 15-20 mins. I would also appreciate if you forward the same to students at your department. 

Thanking you in advance.

Shubhada Nagarkar


Last updated on 29th March 2004